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What to Expect

 When coming to a Therapeutic Eurythmy lesson, one should wear comfortable, unrestricted clothing for ease of movement. The practitioner usually provides a soft-soled shoe. The client will be taught to do specific movement excercises based on the client's needs, doctor's diagnosis or suggestions.  The client is gradually brought into the excercise's full movement. This may involve jumps, movement on various forms in space, or other sorts of rhythmic movement. After each lesson the client rests to allow the movements to reverberate within the body. 

The client is encouraged to practice the movements at home on his/her own for a period of time, usually 7 weeks in length. Further lessons may be scheduled or a "check-up" appointment may be scheduled to assess the movement and add to, modify, or reinforce the exercises as done by the client.

A client should plan to meet weekly with the practitioner for a 7 week period. After this time the client and practitioner may discuss the need for further lessons to anchor the movements more solidly for the client.